Weekday Masses 8:30 am unless posted otherwise (not August 14); don't need to email or call ahead -- register at the door. Church open for prayer 9 am until 2 pm Monday to Friday. Maintain 2 m. distance from others at all times. Pre-registration needed for Sunday 10 am Mass; email htrinity@sasktel.net or call 306-543-3838 with your daytime phone number. Your attendance will be confirmed by phone during regular office hours up until Friday at 2 pm. No Saturday 5 pm Masses until September.



As Catholic Christians, we want to proclaim, celebrate, and live our faith joyfully. 

May you find our website a helpful introduction to our parish and its various ministries and services.  Please feel free to contact us, especially during this time of isolation and changes in permissible Masses.


CHANGES to accommodate controls for public worship.  We have marked off pews so that households are sitting 2 metres (6 feet 6 inches) apart.  Seating will be done front to back.  You will be directed to a section by a staff member or volunteer.  Please walk on (not beside) the black line in the aisles.

Whichever aisle you enter will be the same way you go to receive Eucharist, and also to exit the church.  To exit, the back rows will leave first.  Please maintain social distancing during the time you are in the church or parking lot.

Eucharist will be consecrated on the table on the main floor.  Come forward to receive Eucharist as a household, using the aisle you came in. 

Approach the table (staying behind the black line) until Father says "Body of Christ".  Respond "Amen"; go to the table and pick up one host, step back and consume.  Return to your pew by the same route.  All parishioners remain standing until all have received.

Thank you for your patience as we work through these new procedures together.

Pray with the Church's daily Scriptures

Watch the Daily Mass (National Catholic Broadcasting Council, Toronto)


Glory Be To The Father, And To The Son, And To The Holy Spirit, As It Was In The Beginning, Is Now, And Will Be Forever.  Amen! 





for parents of infants, small children


Expectant parents also invited to attend.  Next class date to be announced.  To register, contact Val Magnuson, Pastoral Assistant, at 306-924-2602. Baptism Preparation registration form here.